Slept On

Time is a thing that escapes us way too easily, and although we’ve been quiet, we’re still looking for acts to get involved and be a part of what we’re starting this summer.

Whether you feel like you have a talent to share, or simply want to start something new, get in touch!

Our aim is to inspire and bring young people together, in as many ways as we can.  So feel free to drop us a line and find out about how to get involved!


Slept On

Launch Event

This Saturday I went down to the Level 1 Launch Event for Think Big in Hoxton.

The £300 we receive from Think Big will allow us to make the project more accessible to everyone and provide equal opportunities. Alongside this it means we have a basis for our funds in terms of materials and getting a venue.


Launch Event

The Beginning

This is going to be the official blog for Let Loose 2016, hopefully written by different members of the team as it grows, (not just me!)

So far I’ve been running my ideas past every person I talk to, listening to a billion negative responses and hitting brick wall after brick wall, but I guess it all has to start somewhere…

Here we go, whether you just want to follow the project, drop in a few ideas or get involved I hope you enjoy the read!

What is Let Loose 2016?

This is a project aimed at creating networking, skills-sharing and collaborative work opportunities for young people interested in arts and performance. The production is centred around the main mediums of visual arts and dance, but there is a place for every art form and all levels of interest and capability are welcome.

Who is it for?

Anyone aged 16-25 based around the London area can get involved. Whether you have a specific artistic skill or are just interested in getting involved.

The idea is to meet new people in your own field or different ones and learn things from each other, create useful contacts for the future and look at the different paths you can take in the arts industry. We work as a collective to produce an outstanding production showing the awareness that young people have of issues affecting us in society today. At the same time each individual will have a specific role or piece of work which they can identify as their own, show in portfolios or on a CV and be proud of!

What are the outcomes?

The production will consist of 10 pieces, each based on a specific social issue. Each piece will consist of a piece of visual art work and a dance. The rest is completely dependent on how the team forms, so far we have ideas for short film, monologues and both live and recorded music.

The aim is to launch the production both to the public, but also invite people that represent different elements of the art industry, and create both funds and support to make this a solid project, which can potentially be run annually and develop in scale and the people it can reach.

How can I get involved?

There are a number of ways to get involved,

simply fill out the contact form below,

drop me an email at,

use our Facebook page here


The Beginning